Why Tru Interior?

When you get the exclusive range of Vertical Blinds in Trugannia from Tru Interior, you can jazz up your home while adding the extra sunblock for your home. The blinds are available with and without the chain. Especially the chains-less weights top the list of our favourites. Each louvre in the blinds is weighted at the bottom to eliminate the need for stabilizing chains along the bottom of the blinds. This creates a much neater look, and you can get a sleek, sophisticated look.


Screen your home from the sun in style: Vertical Blinds from Tru interior to control light

Tru Interior brings you an ever-practical range of Vertical Blinds: The right solution to add shade.

Vertical blinds aren’t just any functional window dressing, they are one of the most functional window dressings, that are available with a wide variety of fabric choices. They can be aesthetically pleasing while controlling light as per your preferred expectations. Vertical blinds for doors look absolutely chic and there is a wide array of perks for which they can be the ultimate addition for your doors and windows:

Affordable and Attractive

Vertical blinds have this surreal charm to add a great finishing touch to any space. They are fitted elegantly like curtains and they can bring in the perfect way to add a Nordic touch to your classic space. There is always a style and finish in these blinds to suit your taste, and as vertical blinds are one of the most affordable types of blinds, shopping for them won’t break your bank.


Irrespective of whether you need blinds for your living room or for your commercial premises, vertical blinds are a superb choice. They can also be customized and Tru Interior offers a multitude of shades and finishes, to make your blinds versatile according to your individual preferences.

Easy to maintain

Blinds can be a nightmare to clean, but vertical blinds are an exception to this. They are any styles such as Venetian, bamboo, and wood that can be kept immaculate by a simple flick of a duster or a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.