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Meet Australia’s leading Interior Connoisseurs- Tru Interior

At Tru Interior, we balance our unique insight with an experimental approach to curate timeless spaces of enduring value. Our team of professional designers understands the significance of purpose-driven, impactful statement pieces in bespoke designs, which is why we create iconic design solutions that can be functional at best.

Redefining the eloquence of interior in style: Tru Interior is your one-stop solution to blend beauty with functionality.

Creating groundbreaking ideas for your interior is what we strive for. We find inspiration from the most uncomplicated ideas and then morph them into a chic décor essential to add value to your interior. We work with our team to deliver tailored solutions that can meet the specific needs of our clients. Quality is our first and foremost concern and so all the products and solutions offered by us are passed through a series of quality checks. The price is kept reasonable so that you can integrate beauty into your ambience without spending a fortune.

Tru Interior stands as a prominent blinds manufacturer Melbourne, renowned for its exceptional quality and exquisite designs. With a commitment to excellence, we craft blinds that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, transforming spaces into stylish sanctuaries.


Our sole aim is to offer a holistic approach to essential home décor pieces. We deliver quality configured with sophistication within a competitive price range.


We envision experiences inspired by our fiercely talented designers. With an eye for detail, and focus on finesse, we offer discerned services that match our clients’ unique tastes.

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