Blockout Curtains (Motorized/ Hand Drawn)

Blockout curtains from Tru Interiors to bring character into your home.

The extensive range of Blockout curtains from Tru Interiors is the all-time favourite of decor-enthusiasts because of their simple and elegant appeal. They can block out the glare of light outside your window allowing for a rested and peaceful night’s sleep.


There is a bewildering range of designs and the best part is the impeccable quality offered by our authentic manufacturers.

  • Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleated curtains are stationary drapes with a soft elegance. They can be used to frame a large window without taking away the view or lighting. The best part is they cost less than functional drapes and look absolutely enticing.

  • S-fold/ Wave fold

S fold Vs wave fold is a debate that has been going on for ages. You can pick any of our S or wave folds. They look equally beautiful and complement your scintillating interiors with grace and versatility.

  • Inverted Pleat

For curtain newbies, an inverted pleat curtain includes an inverted pleat arranged by bringing two folded edges towards or to a centre point on the outside. In a nutshell, the inverted pleat forms an outward pleat at the front of the curtain with all the extra fabric within the pleat contained behind it. The result is with a less fussy look than most other pleats, and if the floor space is a problem or the fabric doesn’t have a soft handle, inverted pleats can look quite stunning!