Curtains by Tru Interior

Tru Interior is focused on bringing to you the best outcomes and we work closely with you to facilitate your interior experience. Our range of products is specially made to facilitate your journey in getting the interior of your choice!


Personalised curtains to match your interior palette – Curtains by Tru Interior

Tru Interior is one of the few Australian Curtain companies that combines the essence of simplicity and aesthetic for your home. We pay special attention to the needs of our customers and offer a diverse range of Curtains and Blinds Shop Trugannia.

Blinds & curtains are very important for your house for a variety of reasons. Curtains in Trugannia by a curtains & blinds specialist company like us offers to you the best solutions for your interior aesthetic problems. The reason to get these products is:

Matching the aesthetic design of your home

Our range of curtains are developed according to the aesthetic palette of your home. The team of experts check your interior design and develop special products to suit your interior needs.

The Curtains can be designed according to your needs

As an Curtains and Blinds company, we at Tru Interior are focused on our customers. Since customers will be using the end product, we strive to make sure that your utility is given top priority alongside aesthetics while designing custom blinds for you!

Cost is controlled easily

The brand’s custom-made approach offers you better savings while purchasing blinds. These products are custom made keeping your utility in mind, thus, you only pay for what is necessary while getting aesthetic products to match your interior vibe.

Size and fit according to your taste

We employ top industry experts. These experts suggest the size and fit of your curtains after consulting with you. As a Curtains & blinds specialist, we intricately understand and suggest products and designs that fit the best.