Flyscreens from Tru Interior

Believe it or not, but the era of industrial-looking, boring fly screens is over. Currently, fly screens have a large number of benefits for every abode with their practical health and safety implications. Tru Interior offer fly screens in a variety of styles and colors to suit any décor or design.

All the products are made up of high-quality materials and so the longevity is never compromised for the cost-effective price that you pay. Get a stunning fly screen from Tru Interior and cherish the addition of a worthwhile investment that will provide an eternal return.


The re-incarnation of the humble Flyscreen: Functionally aesthetic fly screens from Tru Interior

At Tru Interior, we believe in curating solutions that are a reflection of ingenuity and functionality. All our products are an embodiment of brilliant features combined with aesthetics. One such innovation is the modern fly screen. Combining the timeless purpose with our edgy design, we deliver you Fly screens that shield your home while being a win-win for the ventilation.

To keep out insects

As it is quite evident, fly screens can keep all unwanted pests outside. Especially in the warmer months when flies, mosquitoes, and other household pests rush into your house, a fly screen can keep them where they belong.

To add extra security

Tru Interior specializes in manufacturing security-focused variations of the basic fly screens. These screens are constructed from robust raw materials to stop unwanted access and entry to your home. Unlike conventional fly screens, their strong nets can safeguard your home from burglary attacks, as they’re quite difficult to tamper with. Also, they can keep children safe within sight at your home.

To integrate style

Flyscreens from Tru Interior look quite swanky as well. Their subtle deviation from the monotony of traditional flyscreens along with their high-end pattern makes them quite the charming addition to your home’s ambiance.

To save energy and to allow in fresh air

Having an airy and illuminated space can help you to save a lot on utility bills. However, it is impossible to keep your doors closed or open always. Fortunately, you can always install a fly screen to bring in the natural light and welcome fresh air inside your home.

To maintain privacy

As the mesh structure of the fly screens can make it difficult for outsiders to see inside, fly screens can also play a significant role in providing you the element of privacy.