Why Tru Interiors?

At Tru Interiors, we are experts in installing a range of Venetian blinds for Windows. Our blinds fit our customers’ bespoke specifications and make fantastic additions to the home. There is an extensive range of designs and colours, and you can get expert advice from experienced designers and fitters. When you shop from us, premium-quality blinds look like a delight, and the best part is they last for quite a long time owing to their durability and beauty.


The allure of Venetian Blinds: Beautiful Blinds from Tru Interiors

Tru Interiors is all about the manifestation of perfection paired with the trend. When you decide to decorate your home, we put our 100% to be a trustworthy and valuable resource for your renovation process. Our seasoned experts curate tailor-made products that can shift your home towards the posh side without breaking your bank.

Are you searching for beautiful blinds that can escalate your home décor to a completely new level? Then our Venetian blinds can be your home’s fabulous charmer. Here are some perks of selecting Venetian window blinds for home. Dive in!


The delimitating perk of selecting Venetian blinds is their versatility. Traditionally these blinds are made up of wood, but they are also available in aluminum that can be altered to resemble wood or any such range of hues and finishes. The best part about our Venetian blinds is that they are highly customizable, which means you can have a unique statement piece in your home, which is suited according to your space’s preferences.

Elegant and Classy

The Venetian blinds have been used by high society for centuries because of their classy appearance, and we assure you that our Venetian blinds haven’t lost their touch. When you add our Venetian blinds to any room, they will instantly give a sophisticated and classic feel that will incline your décor towards the snazzy angle.


Venetian blinds are also popular because of the level of control that they provide. They can be lifted and the strings can be twisted via a chord mechanism to offer you total control over the amount of light that you want to enter a room.