Roman Blinds from Tru Interior

We offer custom Roman shades and Roman blinds in a wide spectrum of sizes and styles. All the blinds are made from high-quality material because at Tru Interior quality is of paramount importance. Besides the prices are kept reasonable so that buying blinds doesn’t mean burning a hole in your pocket. Slide through our beautiful gallery and purchase your blind. There are great deals and offers to avail!



Roman Blinds from Tru Interior to add the wow factor to your windows

High on aesthetics and utility, the Roman blinds for windows come in a range of fabrics and other materials. They can be operated with a chain drive mechanism or a traditional cord. Roman shades have turned out to be one of the most popular window treatments in many modern households, and we simply can’t keep calm at Tru Interior.

To morph your windows into a true masterpiece, at Tur Interior, we have brought you a wide range of Roman blinds in different styles starting from balloon and dog eared to flat loops. Apart from imparting a subtle touch of style for your home interior and protecting your space from the bright heat and sunlight, Roman shades have their unique advantages. Some of these are listed as follows:

They match any space

Roman blinds can be used in almost any room. Thanks to their unique design, they fit anywhere. Whether you are looking to decorate a minimalist home with simple and sleek furnishings, or you are looking for something classic and conventional, you can always choose Roman shades in white cotton fabric or go for the floral corduroy or the charcoal crushed velvet.

They are energy efficient

Depending on your choice of materials, the Roman blinds are efficient enough to allow in sunlight or block it entirely. You can pull the shades open in winter to let in the sunlight or heat or prevent overheating in summer by closing the blinds. There are also thermally insulated blinds with acrylic foam, so make your choice wisely!


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